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Underwater pipeline inspection is a critical process used to assess the condition, integrity, and safety of pipelines submerged in bodies of water. These pipelines may transport various substances, including oil, natural gas, water, or other liquids, and they are often found in offshore environments, rivers, lakes, or coastal areas. Conducting regular inspections helps ensure the reliability of these pipelines and prevents environmental incidents.

Pipe inspection refers to the process of examining and assessing the condition, integrity, and performance of pipes or pipelines. It is conducted to ensure that pipes are functioning as intended, identify any defects, damage, or wear, and take necessary measures to maintain or restore their reliability and safety. Pipe inspection can be applied to various types of pipes, including those used for conveying liquids, gases, or other substances in industries such as oil and gas, water supply, sewage, and manufacturing.

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Flange Management Service

Flange Management Service

TimEast Flange Management service with tagging system and bolting software have been designed in alignment with International Standard for the management of the integrity of bolted joints for pressurised systems.

Flange Management

PSV Re-calibration

Critical & Relief Valve Ultrasonic Testing

Electrical Heat-tracing