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Ecological Low carbon Social management


Aiming to realize a sustainable society and to contribute to solve global issues such as climate change, we comply with environment-related laws and regulations that apply in China. We will work to resolve environmental issues and create new environmental value through our business activities.

Low carbon

We recognizes the critical importance of the harmony with irreplaceable global environment and humanity, as well as sustainable development. We will contribute to “Realization of a Low Carbon society” while also considering health maintenance and environmental conservation. We are aiming to realize this through cooperation with various stakeholders in our all business activities.

Social management

In TIMEAST' view, dialogue with its internal and external stakeholders is essential for the Company to conduct its business responsibly and integrate the long-term challenges of sustainable development in its strategy and policies. This dialogue contributes to the identification of the main risks and impacts of the Company's activities, and more broadly to a better understanding of changing trends and the main societal expectations of each of the major categories of stakeholders. It is also a prerequisite to ensuring that the Company is firmly integrated in its host regions, as well as an effective tool for identifying ways to generate value at the local level.

TIMEAST believes that transparency is an essential principle of action in building a trust-based relationship with its stakeholders and ensuring that the Company is on a path of continuous improvement.

TIMEAST recognizes that safety, health, environment and quality (hereinafter called "SHEQ") are the key factors for the source of bountiful life of mankind as well as the prosperity and growth of the company.

In that sense TIMEAST is committed to act in accordance with the highest standards and the best practices of SHEQ, striving to apply the policy to all activities as below:

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    The activities of TIMEAST involve health and safety risks for its employees, contractors, and residents in the vicinity of its industrial sites. Furthermore, certain products marketed by TIMEAST may present risks for the health and safety of consumers.

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    We will do our best to prevent accidents with perfect beforehand management, It is recognized that safe and healthy environment practice is the basic premise of production activities. Ensure the safe work environment for all employee.

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    TIMEAST continues to try to reduce pollutants by managing sources that can cause environmental pollution, preventing environmental pollution accidents, and complying with environmental laws and regulations.

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    TIMEAST tightly around the "world-class clean energy developers and series of energy efficiency management solutions provider" strategic development goals, adhering to the "create world famous brand, lasting for the domestic and foreign customers with satisfied products" the quality policy, through long-term practice and summary, put forward the "fine - deep - solid - effect" of quality management requirements,which is "based on quality culture, based on quality system and based on quality technology to realize value-added and risk control", to promote the continuous transformation and upgrading of the enterprise.